Vitamin C

Top Vitamin C Containing Fruits

Fruits are not the only vitamin C containing plant foods. In fact, red bell pepper beats out most fruits in the vitamin C department at 95mg per 1/2 cup and 3.5 ounces of parsley packs a vitamin C wallop of 125 to 300mg. Brocolli and Brussels sprouts are no slouches either. But most people don't want to snack on these foods and often wonder which fruits have the most vitamin C, besides oranges, which really are a great source but not the true champions. There is a lot more to good nutrition than individual vitamins and all these fruits have an abundance of other vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, not to mention fiber.

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Vitamin E and C for Strength and Bodybuilding

Should Bodybuilders Take Vitamins E and C for Exercise-Induced Oxidative Stress?

I'll just bet you answered a big YES to that. That is probably what you have been told. That it is a foregone conclusion that strength and bodybuilding trainees (and all chronic exercisers or athletes) should be hitting up the antioxidant supplements like they are water.

Well, it's not a foregone conclusion. First of all "oxidative stress" is not a simple subject. And it's not just whether you should take antioxidants but if so, how you should take them.

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