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Posted on 07 Jan 2009 15:06

The following videos demonstrate core stability movements known as anti-rotation exercises. What's that? Well I'm talking about core stability exercises where the the job is to prevent rotation. It's the main function of the core musculature. And you thought it was to do situps, didn't you?

This first video is the cable pulley Pallof Press performed by Ashiem of GUS. It is not as easy as it looks. You stand with your side facing a pulley apparatus with handle at about chest level. You'll see the movement in the vid. The idea is to resist the lateral pulling of the weight which will be trying to pull you toward it. As you push the handle out from your chest…that force increases. You are not moving the weight stack, only trying to keep it from moving you.

You can mix this up in various ways. Do the "reps" like Ash, in which you bring the handle to your chest and then extend the arms back out straight in front of you. OR, you can just hold the arms out for extended counts. Bring your stance in more to increase the challenge (the wider the legs the easier it is to resist the rotation).

This can also be done with a band which is the way I do it. A band really makes this challenging.
The second video is the Pallof press with band by Tony Gentilcore. Easy to increase the resistance. Just stretch the band more. The only problem with a band is consistency and progression. Since you want a little tension on the band of course it is difficult to end up with the same tension from workout to next. Not a big deal but when you start you may want to put a piece of tape on the floor to mark your spot.

Pallof Press

Pallof Press w/Band

Choke the band around any stable upright object. Be aware of sharp edges,
though, which can damage your bands. If you get a nick in a band to have it snap on you
later…that can be some bad mojo.

From Coach Robert Dos Remedios, this is an anti-rotation exercise done on the Peform Better extreme trainer.

There is a product called a Landmine which comes with handles as well. You of course do not need a special piece of equipment. To do a barbell anti-rotation just put the end of the barbell you are not holding onto in any open corner to hold it in place.

Be aware of damage to walls. Place a folded up towel in the corner first and put the end of the bar against the towel to protect the wall.

Remember, you are resisting rotation here. As the barbell comes around and down it wants to pull your torso with it. You are to resist that pull.

You can do this as a rotation movement as well. Similar to a cable-wood chop. I will try to describe this in more depth and link it here later.

Perform Better Anti-Rotations

Also from Dos Remedios…

Static Band Anti-Rotation

Static band anti-rotation. Same concept as the pallof press only without the
press with the arms extended. You don't need a partner. Just choke the band around any
stable upright object.

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