So Many Good Strength and Bodybuilding Programs

Posted on 29 Jun 2009 17:59

And so many gyms collecting fees for nothing

If you're reading this page you probably fall loosely into one of three categories (I mean loosely because you can't really put people into boxes):

1. You train or work out…whatever you want to call it…regularly

2. You are just beginning to work out and are looking for ideas, info, answers…

3. You want to begin working out and are looking for ways to get started

If you fall into the first category you may take it all for granted. If you fall into the second or third category you are, just possibly, overwhelmed by the possibilities.

One thing I try to remember is that there is a whole world of people out there that never heard of this site. That never heard of me. That have never lifted a weight. That are out of shape.

And that will need more than a few empty aphorisms to get them into shape. "Get off your butt and pick a program" is probably the worst thing I could say to someone who is daunted and intimidated by the overwhelming task of changing their sedentary lifestyle. Now a lot of the trainers and coaches out there may disagree with me. "Overwhelming?", they will say. "You just have to do it. You just have to stop being lazy and do it." These attitudes themselves are a big pet peeve of mine because most terse statements like these require all sorts of qualification to be useful.

They seem to forget that not everybody is an athlete nor does everybody want to be. And before you tell me that everyone SHOULD want to be an athlete, I would warn you to keep your value judgments to yourself.

When you can't extend yourself beyond your own very limited little corner of reality; if you are caught up in your own little world; and if you can't relate to what someone is going through, how can you hope to help them? Many "hardcore" trainers wonder why someone like Richard Simmons was so successful, despite all the negativity he gets in the fitness industry. Do you want to know why? Because he understands the people he is dealing with. He 'gets it'. Make fun and criticize all you like but 'getting it' is half the battle. The other part is he CARES. So while you are putting the Simmons of the world down and showing how knowledgeable and smarmy you can be…people are turning the page looking for someone who can stop obfuscating for a minute and show them he or she cares just a little bit.

People who are overwhelmed by the challenge of changing their lifestyle don't have time for ego trips.

But why is it overwhelming? There are many reasons.

I've made a series of blog posts that discuss some of the reasons why:

The Paradox of Choice

Fitness: All Encompassing Means Paralyzing

Guilt and Exercise Don't Mix

If any of the stuff in these posts sounds familiar to you and if you feel like you could use some help getting started, then come on back and let us know what we can do for you. We will do whatever we can and we won't charge a penny.


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