What is a Good Quality Affordable Barbell for Home Workouts?

Posted on 04 Mar 2016 19:11

If you are in the market for an Olympic barbell at a price you can afford, a great quality choice is the Body Solid 7 foot Olympic barbell.

I have always found Body Solid products to be well-made and very sturdy for home use.

Their barbells are just fine for an individual wanting to do pure strength training and will serve for your deadlifting or anything else you want to do. Although there are companies itching to sell very expensive commercial quality barbells for use at home, there is no need for a single individual to pay exorbitant prices for a barbell that was meant to be used by dozens of people a day and withstand unreasonable abuse. You'll need plenty of money to buy all the plates you're going to need! Keep this in mind for any equipment you buy for use at home. Commercial quality equipment is called commercial quality for a reason.

I would not recommend using these types of cheaper barbells for Olympic lifts if you plan on using bumper plates and dropping the bar.

As any seasoned home lifter will attest, one of the best ways to get weight plates is garage sells or yard sells.

Lots of people give up on lifting after buying home exercise equipment, and end up with their equipment sitting around for years gathering dust before they finally decide to sell them for pennies on the dollar.

The weights may be off in weight but otherwise okay to use. Before shopping, read more about weight plates.


Buying a barbell this way could be risky, however, because most people's home barbells are very low quality bars that came with a cheap set of plate. Still, you can sometimes find a decent set this way.

Another way to buy weights is at any well-stocked sporting goods store you have near you, like Dick's Sporting Goods or similar. Getting weight plates shipped is cost prohibitive because of the shipping charges. Sometimes large warehouse membership clubs like Costco or BJ's will have weight sets with a standard set of weights and Olympic bar for a very good price. You need to research the brand before you buy one of these.

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