Giant Sets

Posted on 30 Jan 2013 15:42

Giant sets is a method of resistance training that uses sets of four or more exercises for a single-muscle group performed back to back with little or no rest between sets. They are much the same as compound sets or tri-sets, except more exercises are used.

Unlike supersets, however, the exercises are meant to work the same muscle group instead of opposite agonist/antagonist pairings, so that the muscle group is "exhausted."

The exercises in giant sets usually use similar rep ranges in the "hypertrophic" range, from eight to twelve reps.

Not all people use the term giant sets the same, however, and some people consider a 'tri-set' to be a giant set. Also, some use it to describe any group of exercises done with minimal rest in between sets of the exercise, such as antagonistic pairings.

It is really just a slang term for many sets of exercises where the details differ depending on who you ask. However, the central concept is using little to no rest between the sets. This does not affect the volume, workload, or intensity of the work, but rather the density.

This is best suited for advanced bodybuilding or for building muscular endurance, rather than for pure maximum strength training. The amount of time that it takes to recover from such density performed with the same muscle groups will impact your heavy lifting performance too much.

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