Cheap Barbells are NOT Your Problem in Strength Training & Muscle Building

Posted on 07 May 2018 01:15

I have a friend who's starting a weight training equipment business in another country. We were discussing social media and marketing on Youtube, and while researching some keywords, I came across possibly the dumbest video on strength training and bodybuilding equipment I've ever seen. There exist thousands, if not hundreds, of people engaged in a "fake it till you make" it ploy on YouTube. These people make things up that sound authoritative and easily believable. What this fellow says, if you know anything about metal, let alone equipment, will make you do a double face-palm.

Are Cheap Barbell's Killing Your Gains?

He says that cheap barbells in commercial gyms are KILLING YOUR GAINS. You see, according to this guy commercial gyms are not strength and conditioning centers. Who knew? They have cheap barbells that "could have been made anywhere." You don't know where they came from.

Wait, have you ever actually knew where a barbell came from? Don't answer that. As I was saying, according to this genius, these cheap barbells don't hold enough weight and that is what is holding you back.

So, in other words, there is an epidemic of bent and broken barbells in commercial gyms and it is causing people to NOT GET STRONG. What's more, it's KILLING THEM GAINS.

You do Not Need Expensive Weight Equipment

Let us set the record straight. This is a moronic notion. But, if you've read many of my articles in the past, you know that I do not just fly off the handle about one isolated statement or YouTube video. This has been a pet-peeve of mine for years, when people claim that you must have preimium weight lifting equipment in order to succeed in your strength training and bodybuilding goals. Usually, these people want to sell you something very expensive. You do not need an expensive barbell, the kind of premium job you might find in a real powerlifting club, to succeed. An average, yes I mean average, barbell will hold MUCH more than enough weight for the average person to use for many years.

This fellow has obviously watched too many Youtube videos of outlier lifters bending barbells. Listen, by the time you BEND a cheap barbell, folks, you already have gains. At that time, you'd be well justified in putting up the money for a better one that can handle you, Hercules.

It is probably not the quality of the equipment that is holding you back in a commercial gym and if such a gym has such cheap equipment that it can't withstand multiple users, they'd be spending way too much on replacement equipment.

But, on the subject of cheap and affordable barbells, I've written up an in-depth article that explains what you need to know about them. While there are certain things you need to look for, weight capacity, surprisingly, is not generally the problem. As well, here is my recommendation for an affordable barbell for home use.

I'll end this article with one final note. You simply do not need expensive premium equipment to succeed in strength training and bodybuilding. And, that same "cheap" equipment used in a commercial gym would stand up to ONE user much better. I think that stands to reason. You can buy an inexpensive barbell, weight plates, a squat rack, even a pulley machine that lets you do lat pulldowns and low pulley work, on a moderate budget. In fact, the biggest expense will be all those new weight plates you're gonna need as you start getting strong like bull. While we're on the subject, take note of what I explain in this article about irregular weight plates, a bigger problem than cheap barbells (but still not a deal-breaker).

Another thing I want to say about the comments. You have to translate the statement "I lifted for years," usually, into "I lifted sporadically, off and on, for years." Nobody who has engaged in serious weight training regularly for years and really knows there stuff will tell you that the average person is going to find a significant advantage in using an expensive an premium barbell.

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