Hello and thanks for your interest in joining GUS.

Simply click the "Join Ground Up Strength Button" and a secure pop-up window will take you through the steps of creating a quick free account. You will need to verify your account through the email which will automatically be sent to the address you provide. If you don't see the email in your in box be sure to check your spam folder. By creating an account you become a wikidot member as well as a Ground Up Strength member.

Need an easier way? Just use the Facebook Connect button to create your account. The Facebook connect option will appear in the right side of the secure pop-up window after you click the joint button above. You are then only two clicks away from being a member. Click the Facebook connect button and then click "allow" when prompted. Then you will be able to sign in using your Facebook account with no need to create a new username, password, etc.

Although guest comments and forum posts are allowed, you must be a site member to start independent threads in the forum.

Please feel welcome to participate. We want anyone to feel comfortable in asking a question or posting a comment and nobody will ever be flamed or made to feel made fun of. If your purpose is just to get a bit stronger and get in shape then you belong here. If your purpose is too lift ridiculously heavy things, then you belong here. If your purpose is just to associate with people who share your interests…I think you get the picture.

A unique capability you will find here is the ability to directly discuss the site's content via the forum. If you have a question about something you read in an article here or you simply disagree you can use the comment function at the bottom of the articles or posts. If you do not see a comments button you will still find, way down on the bottom toolbar a "discuss" button. You can use that to automatically create a forum thread related to the page. When the comment function is used, the discussions will be found both on the page being discussed AND on a dedicated forum thread, depending on which one you are most comfortable with.

Members of Ground Up Strength can also create their own pages within the site. This site, hosted by the great folks at wikidot (probably the best wiki there is) is not used as an open project but members enjoy the advantages of the wiki nonetheless.

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