Vitamin E and C for Strength and Bodybuilding

Should Bodybuilders Take Vitamins E and C for Exercise-Induced Oxidative Stress?

I'll just bet you answered a big YES to that. That is probably what you have been told. That it is a foregone conclusion that strength and bodybuilding trainees (and all chronic exercisers or athletes) should be hitting up the antioxidant supplements like they are water.

Well, it's not a foregone conclusion. First of all "oxidative stress" is not a simple subject. And it's not just whether you should take antioxidants but if so, how you should take them.

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Controlling Anxiety During Lifting

Much of the Getting in the Zone series of articles are focused on areas of sport psychology. Having psychologists help athletes perform better is a relatively new thing. While I have drawn from that, as I read some of the articles on this subject (controlling anxiety, etc) from sport psychologists, I wonder if many of them really "get it". Sure they understand the statistics and have a background in the psychology affecting performance, but have they ever been there? Do they know what it feels like? I read with interest an article in the "Mind Games" section of the NSCA's performance training journal by Suzie Tuffey Riewald entitled "Help, I'm Nervous". It's related, of course to my Getting in the Zone series of articles.

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Fight Or Flight: Lift or Die?

Have You ever heard someone say that in order to lift a very heavy load they imagine they are "doing battle" with the bar? Of course the real hardcore lifters don't say the word bar, they say "iron". "It's just me and the iron in a battle to the death," they say, or some such similar nonsense.1

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Getting in the ZONE IV: Arousal Regulation

In part I of this series on achieving a state of flow, I introduced the concept of flow and described some of the characteristics of the state. In part II I explained how you can avoid turning failure into a negative force and, indeed, use it as a means of learning and improving, thus bringing you a big step closer to flow. The third part was a quick and simple attempt to point out that it's not quick and simple to achieve flow, and that every individual will have a different experience.

Now, I want to get to the nuts and bolts of achieving flow. I WANT to but I can't yet. What good are nuts and bolts if there is nothing to hold together? Some basic background is necessary to expedite things.

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Getting In The ZONE

You know what I'm talking about, probably, and when you are at the gym trying to get that big PR, feeling all anxious about it, you've probably wondered how to get in that ZONE and if it's possible to learn.

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