Can't Do One Pullup? Stay Positive

04 Sep 2009 17:18

Countless articles have been written about pullups. MOST of those articles are assuming one has the ability to do at least a couple of pullups already. For those that can't even do one, which are MANY, well, that room is so silent you can hear a pin drop.

And when someone does speak up…it's questionable at best….

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How To Set Up the Dumbell Bench Press

28 Aug 2009 21:35

Injuries and tweaks happen during dumbell bench press at two common instances. Picking the dumbells off the floor or a low rack. And during the setup.

If you get injured just picking up a heavy dumbell in preparation for a bench press then you need more than a short explanation on proper lifting. You need to get back to basics, and if I am to venture a guess, get off the machines. Strong strength trainees don't get bad injuries picking up dumbells. Strength training is supposed to prepare you to pick up heavy things….

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Ninety Second Rest Periods For Strength? Are You Kidding Me?

25 Aug 2009 04:06

Ok, you are at your favorite forum or you are talking to one of the trainers in the gym and you want to know about rest periods.

"How long should I rest between sets?" you ask.

Here is the typical first response you will get from the forum:

"What's your stats?"…

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