Strength Consolidation: An Example

05 Sep 2009 16:45

All strength athletes, at certain times, must consolidate their gains and they will do this instinctively by adding reps to their present limit. As a matter of fact this is an "old-school" way of training and it is still prevalent. There is not a NEW way that is better by virtue of science or Russian periodization. The ways that work haven't changed…our attitudes and expectations have.1

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Strength Training with Single, Double and Triple Progression

04 Sep 2009 22:38

The only other person, besides myself, that I've known to speak in-depth about single, double, and triple progression is Anthony Ditillo. However, to be frank, most of what he said about it makes no sense to me and he seems to have been applying the terms to established styles of training as an alternative to what others had named their training methods, such as "the pyramid system".

When Ditillo spoke of single and double progression he seems to have meant simply allowing yourself to use more than one way to progress. Or in other words to manipulate more than one parameter. This should be fairly obvious since it is an intuitive means of progression for most trainees and if not told most will simply add to what they've done before in some way, be it weight, reps or sets of exercise….

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Deadhang Pullups Versus Whatever

04 Sep 2009 20:21

A "question" about so called deadhang pullups has found its way into way too many trainee's minds. We can blame Crossfit once again for muddying the waters.

All "variations" of the pullup are really not changes to the basic exercise, they are just changes to grip. Beyond that you just pull your body up after hanging from a bar. You either start a pullup from a completely stretched "dead" hang, you do a little bit of cheating with your legs, or perhaps leave the elbows flexed a bit. But the mechanics of the exercise is basically the same….

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