Exposing the Dirty Little Secret in Strength Training and Coaching: Expert Intuition

23 Mar 2013 20:13

Strength training and fitness in general brings on reams of discussion as to what it means to be an expert. They also bring on droves of people who play at being an expert on the internet and, increasingly, on television. Recognize that I cannot hope to define expertize without it tending to align with my own interests and biases. However, I do think that the non-expert may be distinctly recognizable!…

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Mistaken Reasons that People Take Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

20 Feb 2013 18:10

Many people take vitamin and mineral supplements, not because they have a poor diet, but as added insurance against a lack of certain nutrients. This is probably not needed at all but the attitude is better safe than sorry and a little extra won't hurt. The fact is, extra will not likely do anything but cost you money. Still, many people have more specific reasons for taking supplements, usually because of ideas they have derived from nutrition misinformation. This article explores some of these reasons….

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Raw Food Claim: Your Body Has a Limited Amount of Enzymes to Digest Foods

11 Feb 2013 16:11

One of the claims associated with the raw food movement is that you need the "living" enzymes in raw foods to help you digest food. And furthermore, you only have a finite amount of enzymes in your body, so these enzymes from raw plant foods become more and more important to your health as you age….

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