What if the Fitness Industry Really Was Scientific?

08 Oct 2014 20:40

By Eric Troy

I'm sitting here after typing out the title, wondering if I should hit the backspace key until it disappears. I've just bit off quite a piece of jerky. After all, you could write an article about "what if scientists really were scientific." Even at the best of times, scientists don't completely live up to their ideals. But scientists, at least, do science rather than just wave a banner. The fitness industry reminds me, sometimes, of Tom Hanks in "A League of Their Own." When I see how personal so many fitness scientists take things, I want to incredulously cry "There's no CRYING in science!"…

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Fight Or Flight: Lift or Die?

23 Sep 2009 22:24

Have You ever heard someone say that in order to lift a very heavy load they imagine they are "doing battle" with the bar? Of course the real hardcore lifters don't say the word bar, they say "iron". "It's just me and the iron in a battle to the death," they say, or some such similar nonsense.1

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Static Stretching Effects On Force Production and Performance

19 Sep 2009 21:08

Static Stretching Affects Jumping is a thread started by Coach Jamie Hale regarding a study examing the effects of static, PNF, and ballistic stretching prior to counter-movement jumps.

The thread contains a number of summaries of research into the affects of prolonged stretching on subsequent force production. Also, discussions of it's affects on running economy and distance performance, and sprint performance….

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For the Love of...Pullups And Chinups

17 Sep 2009 15:39

So many people, myself included, started out with lat pulldowns and didn't give a seconds thought to doing pullups. Having been converted from a lat blaster on the pulldowns to a weighted pullup junkie, I can honestly tell you that I will never go back to the pulldown machine even if one day I can only do a single pullup. (At which point I will be revisiting this article)

But why do I have so much love for vertical pulls? Let me count (or maybe list) the reasons:…

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The 'Wrong' Way To Squat

14 Sep 2009 14:34

I thought by now that the truth about the knees over toes myth had made the rounds and it would soon be a ghost of training past. I realize the video is almost 2 years old but come on. That myth was being blasted before then….

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Front Squats Versus Back Squats

13 Sep 2009 20:06

In the Front Squats versus Back Squats we discuss not only the debate about front squats and back squats….

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Paradoxical and Diaphragmatic Breathing

11 Sep 2009 15:46

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Anderson Squats

07 Sep 2009 20:38

Looking through the pages of GUS you’ve probably seen Anderson being used to describe squatting exercises. Way back when Paul Anderson was a major powerlifter he would deload his barbell during his squatting. The term deload, in this case, implies that the barbell is rested on the pins of a power rack or similar apparatus such that you are no longer ‘loaded’ with the barbell. Anderson used various methods, including digging holes or using chairs. After deloading he would brace himself and drive into the barbell, and complete the squat. Today, the pins of a squat cage or rack are used and we sometimes call the exercise Pin Squats….

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BASIC Progression and Bulgarian Split Squats

06 Sep 2009 17:53

I am always bringing up, obsessively you might say, how there are many different ways to progress in strength training. And, in fact, how many different things we do and achieve represent progression that we don't even recognize….

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Olympic Deadlift, Clean Style, or Powerlifting Deadlift?

06 Sep 2009 04:16

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Strength Consolidation: An Example

05 Sep 2009 16:45

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Strength Training with Single, Double and Triple Progression

04 Sep 2009 22:38

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Can't Do One Pullup? Stay Positive

04 Sep 2009 17:18

Countless articles have been written about pullups. MOST of those articles are assuming one has the ability to do at least a couple of pullups already. For those that can't even do one, which are MANY, well, that room is so silent you can hear a pin drop.

And when someone does speak up…it's questionable at best….

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Paul Chek On Piss

31 Aug 2009 14:58

One of those C.H.E.K. videos was just called to my attention and to say the least, I am outraged by it. The subject of the video is "abdominal floor function" (of course..what else does he ever talk about?) and what Chek chooses to do in this 'seminar' is in bad enough taste without turning around and posting it to YouTube….

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How To Set Up the Dumbell Bench Press

28 Aug 2009 21:35

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Ninety Second Rest Periods For Strength? Are You Kidding Me?

25 Aug 2009 04:06

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Strength Training Rep And Set Range

23 Aug 2009 17:50

At the entrance to my local gym there is a sign that tells you which trainer is currently working as well as who the desk staff person is. Occasionally it will also have a tip of the day sort of thing. Recently the tip of the day has been rep and set ranges for various goals. Until now I have managed to keep my outrage to myself…:)

The board lists 3 goals and 3 guidelines, in terms of reps and sets, and rest periods to perform….

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On Breathing and Strongman

12 Aug 2009 19:10

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The Crosswise Brick Exercise

05 Aug 2009 01:14

When talking about lower arm and hand strength we here at GUS have referred to an exercise known as the "crosswise brick exercise". This is a fantastic exercise for strengthening the wrist and the fingers, the best part being it can be performed with a few bricks!…

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The Cook Hip Lift

04 Aug 2009 20:25

You may be familiar with a glute bridge, formally known as a "Supine Hip Extension" or "Supine Glute Bridge". But you probably haven't heard of the Cook Hip Lift. Named after Gray Cook, it is a great beginning gluteal activator and is meant to be used as a precursor to the glute bridge, because it solves a problem that the glute bridge does not address very well….

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Suitcase Deadlifts

02 Aug 2009 21:39

The suitcase deadlift is exactly what the name suggests. Lifting a weight similar to how one lifts and holds a suitcase. So, instead of the implement being in front of the body it is to the side.

This is a great core stability exercise. Its provides rotational torque so it is an excellent anti-rotation exercise. You have to resist the rotation from the off-balanced load and keep the torso "level" or "symmetrical"….

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