Ninety Second Rest Periods For Strength? Are You Kidding Me?

25 Aug 2009 04:06

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Strength Training Rep And Set Range

23 Aug 2009 17:50

At the entrance to my local gym there is a sign that tells you which trainer is currently working as well as who the desk staff person is. Occasionally it will also have a tip of the day sort of thing. Recently the tip of the day has been rep and set ranges for various goals. Until now I have managed to keep my outrage to myself…:)

The board lists 3 goals and 3 guidelines, in terms of reps and sets, and rest periods to perform….

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On Breathing and Strongman

12 Aug 2009 19:10

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The Crosswise Brick Exercise

05 Aug 2009 01:14

When talking about lower arm and hand strength we here at GUS have referred to an exercise known as the "crosswise brick exercise". This is a fantastic exercise for strengthening the wrist and the fingers, the best part being it can be performed with a few bricks!…

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The Cook Hip Lift

04 Aug 2009 20:25

You may be familiar with a glute bridge, formally known as a "Supine Hip Extension" or "Supine Glute Bridge". But you probably haven't heard of the Cook Hip Lift. Named after Gray Cook, it is a great beginning gluteal activator and is meant to be used as a precursor to the glute bridge, because it solves a problem that the glute bridge does not address very well….

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Suitcase Deadlifts

02 Aug 2009 21:39

The suitcase deadlift is exactly what the name suggests. Lifting a weight similar to how one lifts and holds a suitcase. So, instead of the implement being in front of the body it is to the side.

This is a great core stability exercise. Its provides rotational torque so it is an excellent anti-rotation exercise. You have to resist the rotation from the off-balanced load and keep the torso "level" or "symmetrical"….

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Random Thoughts Monday 27 July 2009

27 Jul 2009 07:41

I am going to start posting my random thoughts out here. They may or may not be coherrant but I'll do my best to articulate my thoughts….

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Getting in the ZONE IV: Arousal Regulation

22 Jul 2009 18:56

In part I of this series on achieving a state of flow, I introduced the concept of flow and described some of the characteristics of the state. In part II I explained how you can avoid turning failure into a negative force and, indeed, use it as a means of learning and improving, thus bringing you a big step closer to flow. The third part was a quick and simple attempt to point out that it's not quick and simple to achieve flow, and that every individual will have a different experience.

Now, I want to get to the nuts and bolts of achieving flow. I WANT to but I can't yet. What good are nuts and bolts if there is nothing to hold together? Some basic background is necessary to expedite things….

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Getting In The Zone III: Ten Easy Steps!

22 Jul 2009 14:26

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Myths and Misconceptions: Torsion Springs, The Dog Leg, and 'Handedness'

22 Jul 2009 12:58

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Setting A Gripper

20 Jul 2009 03:22

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The Gripper Guide

17 Jul 2009 20:01

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If You Can't Grip It, You Can't Rip It

17 Jul 2009 00:12

I came across the title of this post while I was looking around YouTube (I feel compelled to watch weightlifting vids or strongman events sometimes) and not only is it a classic line but it also reminded me of something I've never really sat down and talked about: Grip Strength! Just like the title says if you can't hang onto the bar or the handles then you can't perform that exercise. You COULD use wrist straps, but where's the fun in that?…

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Getting in the ZONE II: Don't Dwell On Failures

15 Jul 2009 20:04

You've heard that one before, I'll bet. Don't dwell on your failures. That is one of those aphorisms that I'm always getting on about.

Easier said than done right?

We WILL fail. We will make mistakes. Not all of our goals will be reached in a timely manner. We will have set-backs.

And we will be disappointed. We will be angry. Many times at ourselves.

And we can learn to turn it around and make failure our friend….

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Getting In The ZONE

10 Jul 2009 19:07

You know what I'm talking about, probably, and when you are at the gym trying to get that big PR, feeling all anxious about it, you've probably wondered how to get in that ZONE and if it's possible to learn….

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The Strength Training Honeymoon Period

09 Jul 2009 17:27

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Teaching Versus Learning The Lifts

09 Jul 2009 17:19

You know I love how the words 'teach' and 'learn' get mixed up. Provided you are concentrating on just a particular exercise rather than a general technique overview, you can teach a person a basic slow lift in 10 to 20 minutes.

Meaning, you can INSTRUCT them on it it that time frame and have them go through the motions, correct the mistakes, etc. That doesn't mean they have LEARNED the lift. That means they have received instruction on the lift and gone through an initial training session with it….

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Explain the Opposite

06 Jul 2009 13:12

You know what this is even if you haven't heard the term. You've come across it many times. You may not be a geek like me who reads psychology texts in his spare time, but I can guarantee you’ve seen it. Many times, in fact. And if you've posted on fitness related web-sites as much as I have you've seen it hundreds of times….

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Strength: Simple But Difficult?

05 Jul 2009 22:32


That is a very important word. A reason I avoid using terse, oversimplified statements, which I refer to as aphorisms, is because for them to be useful they usually need to be qualified. That is, a set of conditions and explanation have to be put in place so that they fit a general audience. So that they are not taken too far….

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Strength, Fatloss, Skills, and Progression: Misconceptions Abound

04 Jul 2009 21:25

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