What Is Strength Training?

22 Feb 2015 20:20

Strength training is actually simpler than you thought. The majority of basic articles on strength training do not bother to define strength training at all. When it is defined, the word "strength" is used in the explanation. The most typical type of definition looks something like this: "Strength training is using resistance to build your physical (or muscular) strength."

Usually, however, explanations focus on the benefits of strength training: Strength training builds muscle, decreases injury risk, makes bones stronger, etc….

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What if the Fitness Industry Really Was Scientific?

08 Oct 2014 20:40

By Eric Troy

I'm sitting here after typing out the title, wondering if I should hit the backspace key until it disappears. I've just bit off quite a piece of jerky. After all, you could write an article about "what if scientists really were scientific." Even at the best of times, scientists don't completely live up to their ideals. But scientists, at least, do science rather than just wave a banner. The fitness industry reminds me, sometimes, of Tom Hanks in "A League of Their Own." When I see how personal so many fitness scientists take things, I want to incredulously cry "There's no CRYING in science!"…

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"Processed" Food Has Become A Dirty Word

16 Mar 2015 18:59

By Gabrielle Maston

Did you know that everything in our food chain is processed? Harvesting crops, slaughtering livestock or catching and killing game or fish is the first step of processing….

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Tension, Compression, Shear and Torsion

03 Mar 2015 20:17

Strength coaches and physical therapy types are always talking about the types of stresses our bodies undergo. But they usually sprinkle around words such as stress, strain, load, tension, shear, compression, torsion, etc. more like they are decorating a cake than trying to teach us something. I sometimes wonder why so many like to impress us with their vocabulary but so few ever want to take the time to clue us in to the fundamental meaning of their jargon. So, here I'll take the time to explain what all the words mentioned in the title mean….

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Toxic Hunger? Toxic Clickbait is More Like It!

27 Oct 2014 00:27

I am very happy to be bringing you this guest post by Dave Hargreaves, a fantastic personal trainer operating out of Melbourne, Australia, who specializes in Flexible Dieting with an interest in the avoidance of relapse for those in recovery from, or susceptible to eating disorders. His current and past clients include marathon runners, triathletes, powerlifters and others with general fitness and body conditioning goals. Dave has an infectious passion for the truth, and absolutely no tolerance for the pseudo-scientific and often harmful claims and prescriptions that plague the fitness and health industry. He goes after nonsense, and those who perpetuate it, with a fierceness and complete lack of pretension that is not often seen in this industry. Here, he rebuts an article from T-Nation, and its fantastical and baseless claims concerning 'toxic hunger.'

By Dave Hargreaves

Last week the T-Nation website ran an article on nutrition, which included some highly dubious claims about what happens when you choose “the wrong foods,” according to a new theory apparently coming out of the nutrition community….

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How Much Weight Can a Cheap Barbell Handle?

05 Jan 2017 23:04

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Infraspinatus Muscle: Location, Action, and Trigger Points

19 Nov 2016 19:26

The infraspinatus muscle is a thick, triangular muscle which occupies most of the concave, dorsal surface of the scapula, a part of the scapula called the infraspinatus fossa. In other words, this muscle covers almost the entire scapula (shoulder blade) below the scapular spine….

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Why Can You Lift More On Flat Bench Press Than On Incline?

12 Aug 2016 00:19

Although you may come across a lifter, once in a while, who is stronger on incline bench press than flat bench, most of the time the regular flat bench press is stronger. Why is this?…

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I Get Why You Want a Shortcut to A Big Lift

05 Aug 2016 00:45

I would not try to mislead you with an article title, so I want to start by qualifying the title of this one. I do not claim to understand all the reasons why someone would be attracted to shortcut methods for getting a big deadlift or squat, and then end up wasting a lot of time on magic bullets that don't work. But, if your goal is a big lift, then I GET YOU!

And I while I have labored, preached, cajoled, and done everything else I could think of on these pages to dissuade people from taking such blind alleys, one thing I've never done is judged my readers. We want the same things. I'd rather take you out for a few beers than judge you for your mistakes. I've been misguided in the past, much more so than I'd like to admit….

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Was the trap bar originally meant just for traps

02 Aug 2016 22:09

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Is Getting Stronger All About How Much Weight You're Lifting?

01 Aug 2016 22:42

Why, yes! The popular entertainment site Buzzfeed loves to feature list articles where various 'experts' are asked questions. This probably actually means that the author simply features isolated quotes from their online articles, and pretends they interviewed a dozen people for one list article. In one such article, '18 Fitness Myths That Need To Be Stopped Immediately' I came across a gem….

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Are Cleansing and Detox Diets Just Fancy Anorexia?

25 Jul 2016 18:54

I've seen a quote about cleanse diets and detoxing being shared on Facebook quite a lot lately. Each time it shows up, it gets hundreds to thousands of likes and hundreds of shares. Amazing the power of a superficially logical statement that is actually based on a fallacy. This is one I would call a false analogy. I decided I'd like to write a few things about it….

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You Can't Isolate a Muscle, But Does it Matter?

24 Jul 2016 19:37

A favorite phrase of well-informed personal trainers, when asked how to isolate a certain muscle, is "you can't isolate a muscle."

Technically, it is true. Muscles never truly work in isolation. For instance, even during an exercise like preacher curls, which seems like it completely isolates the biceps, there are other muscles at work. The primary movement in any biceps curl is elbow flexion. Although you may focus on the biceps brachii, there are two other muscles at work with the biceps to flex the elbow, the brachialis and brachioradialis. In fact, some folks may inform you that the brachialis is the prime mover and not the biceps, since the brachialis is the only one which is a pure elbow flexor….

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Humans Were not Meant to Run Long Distances?

19 Jul 2016 00:01

Whenever you hear a fitness professional talk about what humans were "meant" to do, your bullshit meter should be pinging. Online fitness gurus love to vomit forth all sorts of hypotheses about what the human body was designed to do. And, when I say hypotheses, I mean uneducated, ignorant guesses. Those who place a lot of emphasis on lifting weights love to tell people that running is bad for you and will ruin your joints. One of their arguments tends to be that we were not "designed" for long-distance running. For example, an article in Breaking Muscle, supposedly busting fitness myths, quotes none other than Charles Poliquin, saying "Humans are meant to either sprint or walk long distances."…

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Frequency is Not the Key to Success in Muscle Gaining?

10 Jun 2016 19:38

On Quora recently, a fellow asked that most typical question "what is the best way for me to gain muscle without becoming a gym rat."

What this fellow wanted to know was, basically, what was the minimum he'd need to do. He didn't want to be married to the gym. You can't really give a once size fits all answer to this question but one Quora responder did:…

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15 Habits Habits of (Successful) Internet Fitness Personalities

02 Jun 2016 19:29

If you've found this article, you are probably trying to figure out how to be a successful internet fitness professional. You want the followers, the eBook sales, the successful blog, all of it. Most of all you want the A gift to sweaty-palmed people everywhere.bro-fists (virtual or otherwise) with the other highly successful internet fitness personalities….

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Risk Aversion and Fear Avoidance in the Fitness Industry

14 Apr 2016 23:22

I was reading a long and engaging article the other day by a fitness trainer who was reacting to what she saw as hypocrisy in the fitness industry. I very much appreciate the article and I let her know as much in my comments….

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Good affordable barbell for home use

04 Mar 2016 19:11

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Thigh Muscles - Origins, Insertions, and Actions w/ Videos

03 Mar 2016 21:16

The videos and information in this article provide an overview of the muscles of upper leg, which is known as the thigh.

This first video presents the muscles of the front part or anterior compartment of the thigh….

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What is Bulletproof, Fitness Industry?

09 Jan 2016 21:57

Sorry, fitness peeps, I'm not buying your bulletproof promises. I want a fitness expert, strength coach, or anyone who knows, to define the word bulletproof for me. I know we can define what bulletproof means in regards to actual physical bullets fired from a gun, but I want to know what it means in regards to fitness, strength training, or health….

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The eight essential exercises you must do

06 Jan 2016 22:50

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The ONE Problem That Will Keep You From Squatting Heavy

05 Jan 2016 18:57

You want a heavy squat but you just can't seem to add any weight to the bar. I can guarantee that it is because of one common problem that almost all squatters have. Once you fix this one problem you will be on your way to multiple squat PR's in no time!

Don't worry, I'll put in an anatomical diagram to prove I know what I am talking about. But let me explain how this one problem affects your squat, and why you need me to help you solve it….

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Did People Always Act So Entitled? Comments are a Privilege

05 Jan 2016 02:31

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The Shoulder Muscles - Deltoid, Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Major and Minor

27 Oct 2015 19:17

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One Good Anatomy and Physiology Text - Books Trainers Need

26 Oct 2015 16:16

I am a firm advocate of basic texts for everyone interested in learning about training, nutrition, physiology, exercise science, etc. So much confusion could be saved if the average trainer and trainee didn't get all his or her information from the "popular press". Sure, popular press cannot be a good a place to find information, but people lack a firm foundation from which to think critically and assess the quality of the information presented. A thorough grounding from more scholarly sources can help tremendously, although this is not the only requirement! Although these are not the only books you need, two of the primary sources you should have are an anatomy text book and an exercise physiology text book….

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