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Can you Rupture Yourself (Give Yourself a Hernia) During Deadlifts?

04 Sep 2013 13:43

It is commonly believed that hernias are caused by a single bout of heavy lifting. Certainly, many people have felt the first symptoms of a hernia as they lift something heavy, such as on a construction job or just around the house. It therefore makes sense that the deadlift could be a prime cause of hernias. After all, a great amount of strain can be placed on the abdominal wall, and this strain might tear open the tissues. There are different kinds of hernias, but surely, if anything can give you one, it is the deadlift. There is special danger, many people claim, during the negative phase of the lift, when you are returning the bar to the floor….

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What Is Nutrient Density? What is a Nutrient Dense Food? Plus, What are Empty Calories?

02 Jun 2013 20:11

This explanation of nutrient density and empty calories takes the form of a video presentation. The article contains the exact transcript of the video….

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Shin Swelling, Pain, and Tightness During Exercise: What are Compartment Syndromes?

02 Jun 2013 19:18

This explanation takes the form of a video. The text of this article is the exact transcript from the video and is an explanation of acute and exertional compartment syndromes for athletes and exercisers. These are easily mistaken for shin splints but are much more severe conditions. Compartment syndromes can result in severe irreversible nerve damage, cell death, and even loss of the lower limb. If you have any of the symptoms outlined in this video, consult a doctor immediately. For those in need of more in-depth medical information on compartment syndromes and other musculoskeletal conditions, I would recommend Essentials of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation by Frontera and Silver

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