Tweaking the Overhead Squat: Dislocates, Reaching Back, Grip Width and Mobility Drills

The basic bar position for the overhead squat is barbell held overhead and lined up in the imaginary "pocket" between the scapula and the back of the ears. Some people teach this as being between the shoulders and ears as well. It doesn't make a lot of difference. The bar will be somewhere in that area and with practice you will develop the proper position.

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The 'Wrong' Way To Squat

I thought by now that the truth about the knees over toes myth had made the rounds and it would soon be a ghost of training past. I realize the video is almost 2 years old but come on. That myth was being blasted before then.

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Front Squats Versus Back Squats

In the Front Squats versus Back Squats we discuss not only the debate about front squats and back squats.

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Anderson Squats

Looking through the pages of GUS you’ve probably seen Anderson being used to describe squatting exercises. Way back when Paul Anderson was a major powerlifter he would deload his barbell during his squatting. The term deload, in this case, implies that the barbell is rested on the pins of a power rack or similar apparatus such that you are no longer ‘loaded’ with the barbell. Anderson used various methods, including digging holes or using chairs. After deloading he would brace himself and drive into the barbell, and complete the squat. Today, the pins of a squat cage or rack are used and we sometimes call the exercise Pin Squats.

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Anderson Half Squat

Any of you that have been following my Journal here (Strength Journal) will know that I recently included the infamous 4 squat workout into my routine. This delightful little routine consists of 4 exercises, each with 4 sets (5,4,3, and 2 reps respectively).

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