Curing The Buttwink During Squats

This information originally appeared as a forum thread here on GUS. In an effort to preserve the most popular (or perhaps important) information, before shutting down the forum, it will not appear as an article, permanently.

Regarding some questions about the infamous "buttwink" during the squat were posted on the Facebook page. I am going to answer them here as best I can. First things first, though:

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Performing the Powerlifting Squat for Raw Lifters

I was browsing through some videos on YouTube and I came across some very important questions regarding squats. A lot of people are getting into powerlifting and training for maximal strength and one of the exercises that all powerlifting clubs and fitness fad programs tries to push is the back squat. This is why everybody is very obsessed with squatting. For all the powerlifters out there, the number one important exercise is the back squat because their entire meet begins with this exercise and they are able to use their gear to make the most of it.

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Overhead Squat Do's

I saw a very interesting internet exchange concerning overhead squats the other day. This was actually in regards to my own writings. A keyboard legend apparently decided it was opposite day and proceeded to describe all the things NOT to do during the overhead squat…what seemed like exactly the opposite of everything I had said. This kind of thing is bound to happen but looking at some of the tips I figured they may be prevalent. I can think of a few big names who might even be preaching the kind of stuff the KL was preaching. So I thought I'd make a list of good habits for the overhead squat.

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Cook Deep Squat Mobility Progression with Video Demonstration

The Cook Deep Squat Mobility drill explained here was designed by Gray Cook and outlined in depth in his book Athletic Body in Balance. The drill is meant to help you achieve a perfect position for the overhead squat, from the hips to the shoulders. It will build your mobility for all squatting activities.

For an in-depth discussion of overhead squat mobility, see Tweaking the Overhead Squat, which includes this drill and much, much more.

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