The ONE Problem That Will Keep You From Squatting Heavy

You want a heavy squat but you just can't seem to add any weight to the bar. I can guarantee that it is because of one common problem that almost all squatters have. Once you fix this one problem you will be on your way to multiple squat PR's in no time!

Don't worry, I'll put in an anatomical diagram to prove I know what I am talking about. But let me explain how this one problem affects your squat, and why you need me to help you solve it.

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Curing The Buttwink During Squats

This information originally appeared as a forum thread here on GUS. In an effort to preserve the most popular (or perhaps important) information, before shutting down the forum, it will not appear as an article, permanently.

Regarding some questions about the infamous "buttwink" during the squat were posted on the Facebook page. I am going to answer them here as best I can. First things first, though:

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Performing the Powerlifting Squat for Raw Lifters

I was browsing through some videos on YouTube and I came across some very important questions regarding squats. A lot of people are getting into powerlifting and training for maximal strength and one of the exercises that all powerlifting clubs and fitness fad programs tries to push is the back squat. This is why everybody is very obsessed with squatting. For all the powerlifters out there, the number one important exercise is the back squat because their entire meet begins with this exercise and they are able to use their gear to make the most of it.

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Overhead Squat Do's

I saw a very interesting internet exchange concerning overhead squats the other day. This was actually in regards to my own writings. A keyboard legend apparently decided it was opposite day and proceeded to describe all the things NOT to do during the overhead squat…what seemed like exactly the opposite of everything I had said. This kind of thing is bound to happen but looking at some of the tips I figured they may be prevalent. I can think of a few big names who might even be preaching the kind of stuff the KL was preaching. So I thought I'd make a list of good habits for the overhead squat.

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Difficulty Breathing During Front Squats

Here is a Simple Training Drill to Solve Breathing Problems During the Front Squat

You may have noticed that it can be difficult to get a good deep breath in between reps of the front squat. Not everybody has this problem to the same extent, but most everybody would have noticed that the front squat makes breathing a bit restricted. The position of the elbows, combined with the heavy load on the shoulders, restricts the chest. It is easy to simulate this effect right now as you read this: simply raise your arms up over your head and try to take a deep breath into your upper chest. You should notice that the chest wall is restricted and it is close to impossible to take a full breath this way.

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