Singles (Strength Training With)

Strength Consolidation: An Example

All strength athletes, at certain times, must consolidate their gains and they will do this instinctively by adding reps to their present limit. As a matter of fact this is an "old-school" way of training and it is still prevalent. There is not a NEW way that is better by virtue of science or Russian periodization. The ways that work haven't changed…our attitudes and expectations have.1

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The Singles Scene - Your Guide to Single Rep Strength Training

Few people understand how to use near maximal strength training to get results. There exists a dichotomy in many trainees' minds between "maxing out" and "training" that results in needless volume gathering and a misunderstanding of how to use maximal intensities (above 90% max load) effectively.

As will become clear throughout the pages of GUS, with strength training intensity is job one. If you are completely new to strength training; intensity is simply the percentage of your maximal ability (one rep maximum) that you are working with. A one rep maximum is sometimes called FM for the maximum force you can muster.

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