The Dynamic Barbell Row: A Semantic Exercise

Dynamic rows, according to whom you ask, are the same thing as the "Pendlay Row" or the "JS Row" both of which are apparently the same exercise. A deloaded row, this version of the barbell row is deemed to "activate" the latissimus dorsi more than a regular barbell row and allow you to lift heavier weights. Although there are many iterations in technique for this, which are not worth my time to try and outline, the basic gist is as follows:

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Deloaded Barbell Rows

Deloaded Barbell Rows are rows requiring the resistance (or weight) to be deloaded onto the floor after each repetition performed. Therefore, every repetition performed is done so from a dead stop and the bar is picked up off the floor or a raised platform (if required), unlike a regular barbell row in which the bar remains suspended above the floor and tension is maintained in the body, shoulders, and arms.

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Can't Do One Pullup? Stay Positive

Countless articles have been written about pullups. MOST of those articles are assuming one has the ability to do at least a couple of pullups already. For those that can't even do one, which are MANY, well, that room is so silent you can hear a pin drop.

And when someone does speak up…it's questionable at best.

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