Getting in the Zone V: Relaxation

Part IV of Getting in the Zone described arousal regulation and the effects of anxiety and anger on performance. At the end of that post I left you with this: There are those who will need to focus on energizing techniques. Rather than controlling excessive arousal, they will need to develop strategies to increase arousal. But in my experience,...

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Breathing Exercises for Relaxation

By Ground Up Strength This article is a simple explanation of several breathing exercises for relaxation. It is meant as related companion to the Getting in the Zone series of blog posts or for anyone interested. However, before we get into the breathing exercises you should have already read Paradoxical and Diaphragmatic Breathing which will have...

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Getting in the ZONE IV: Arousal Regulation

In part I of this series on achieving a state of flow, I introduced the concept of flow and described some of the characteristics of the state. In part II I explained how you can avoid turning failure into a negative force and, indeed, use it as a means of learning and improving, thus bringing you a big step closer to flow. The third part was a...

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