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Posted on 07 Mar 2012 09:01

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By Ashiem_Matthn

Mike Tuchscherer is the founder of Reactive Training Systems and author of the book, "The Reactive Training Manual - Developing Your Own Custom Training Program for Powerlifting." He started competing in Powerlifting in 1997 and has been deeply involved in athletic training ever since. Mike recently competed on Saturday March 3rd at the 2012 Arnold Raw Challenge at a body weight of 264. He set several IPF Raw World records with a 325Kg (716.5) Squat and 355Kg (782.6) Deadlift plus a world record total of 877.5Kg (1934.5). Mike also benched 197.5Kg (435.4).

Here is a list of his achievements:

Some Achievements of Mike Tuchscherer

  • Mike became a State record holder in Indiana and Kentucky when he was still a Sophomore in High School
  • Mike graduated from competing at the College level to the Open division.
  • Mike has won 4 USA Powerlifting National Championships
  • Mike has won IPF Junior Worlds
  • Mike has placed 2nd at the IPF Senior Worlds that was also his first ever senior world contest
  • Mike regularly competes in local meets to help spread the word on Powerlifting
  • In 2009, at the World games, which is an international, ultra-prestigeous event organized by the International Olympic Committee, Mike became the first American male in history to win the Gold medal for Powerlifting.


Mike Tuchscherer at the Raw Challenge at the 2012 Arnold Sports Festival

Mike Tuchscherer breaks IPF World Record Squat 325 kgs Video

Mike Tuchscherer sets Deadlift and Total IPF World Record Video

Educated, Intelligent, AND Strong

In addition to being a talented Powerlifter, Mike has studied sports training at a formal level. With a mind sharpened at the prestigeous US Air Force Academy, Mike is highly capable of reading, understanding, and assimilating complex theories and concepts into training that makes sense to the lifter.

Mike began developing Reactive Training Systems to customize training while he was the "Cadet-In-Charge" of the Powerlifting team at the Air Force Academy. While there, he also interned with the Strength and Conditioning staff. Even now, Mike continues to hone his processes and assimilate more and more up-to-date information. He has wide-ranging training experience having worked primarily with Powerlifters, but also in no small measure he has worked with Olympic Weightlifters, Strongman competitors, Bodybuilders, Football players, Throwers, Sprinters, and general fitness enthusiasts.

Mike is a major proponent of the Raw Unity Meet (RUM) which started out in a highly controversial setting of legitimate raw lifting in the Powerlifting crowd. Mike is also one of the few people who has managed to train solo and get strong at it. He has written an article about training by yourself out here.

Mike's greatest achievement is creating Reactive Training Systems. Reactive Training Systems is about creating training blocks pertinent to improving performance on specific lifts, working on weaknesses and becoming stronger through volume and intensity blocks. It is about Intensity Cycling and Volume tweaking. Mike is also one of the few Powerlifters who has come out in the open and discussed attempting maximal lifts multiple times in a week - this goes against the dogma of "Don't do max attempts more than once a year" which a lot of mainstream powerlifters adhere to. Mike then proceeded to prove his statements by going through "Mock Meets" wherein he attempted maxing out on the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift in a psuedo Powerlifting competition and he did this on 3 days in the same week - meaning he pulled his max attempts on 3 lifts 3 times a week, and he managed to set some Personal Records doing this. Mike's approach to training in terms of attitude, arousal and thinking outside of the box is very similar to what we do at GUS and in his most recent video, Mike has discussed his training ("sort of") for people to learn from:

Mike Tuchscherer Explains Reactive Training Systems Video

Mike was featured on Men's Health Guy Gourmet Blog for his healthy approach to nutrition.

In 2006, which was when he was in the process of formalizing Reactive Training Systems, he gave an interview for Dr. Squat in which he made another statement which went (and still goes) against the grain in terms of mainstream Powerlifting mentality. Mike said that he does not follow other people's training routines: he believes in creating his own routines for himself. This is something we believe in very much so at GUS: using the best tools to get the desired results and not getting attached to certain tools just because they are fancy.1

Mike's Youtube Channel can he found out here: Power275

Mike's website can be found out here: Reactive Training Systems


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