Stan Efferding

Stan Efferding is a professional bodybuilder who competes in Powerlifting and is a product of Mark Bell's Team Supertraining located in California, USA. In May 2011, Stan Efferding competed in the SPF Powerlifting Meet and set two New Raw World Records: Highest Raw Total and Highest Raw Squat. He did not use knee wraps. His 2,226 lbs Total and 854 lbs Squat beats Konstantin Konstantinov's previous Raw Total with no knee wraps at 2,171. Stan beat the previous Raw Squat Record of 850 lbs with 854 lbs!

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Bad Attitude Gym

Bad Attitude Gym (BAG) is a Powerlifting Club located north of Dallas in Carrollton, Texas. BAG was originally a garage gym founded by Sean Donegan. As the team grew, Sean expanded BAG to a warehouse space allowing more equipment and more lifters.

What is interesting about BAG is they have competed in and support every powerlifting federation or organization.

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Big Iron Gym

Big Iron Gym (BIG) is owned by Rick Hussey and is the Midwest's premier strength training facility. It is located in Omaha, Nebraska. BIG prides itself on catering to strength athletes of all kinds: Powerlifters, Strongman competitors, Olympic lifters, bodybuilders, MMA fighters, and high school and college athletes all come to Big Iron to train in their unique atmosphere that is centered around learning techniques and increasing strength. With access to the gym's strength-specific equipment and leading strength coach Rick Hussey, this is the place to be for those interested in strength sports.

I've been following BIG's YouTube videos for quite a while now and I think that they're a really cool group.

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Bob Gaynor: 63 Year Old Deadlifts 672 Pounds

I am inspired beyond belief by 63 year old Bob Gaynor who competes in the 220 weight-class.

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