Performing the Powerlifting Squat for Raw Lifters

I was browsing through some videos on YouTube and I came across some very important questions regarding squats. A lot of people are getting into powerlifting and training for maximal strength and one of the exercises that all powerlifting clubs and fitness fad programs tries to push is the back squat. This is why everybody is very obsessed with squatting. For all the powerlifters out there, the number one important exercise is the back squat because their entire meet begins with this exercise and they are able to use their gear to make the most of it.

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Is Michael Phelps the Greatest Athlete Ever? How Do We Compare This to Lifting?

There is a lot of talk about Michael Phelps and his many, many medals. Is he the greatest Olympian ever? Well, it depends on your perspective. As has been said already a thousand times, a case can be made that he is the greatest Olympian ever. But what is true of athletics in general is true of the Olympics. In fact, the Olympics is a case study in athletes with a capital A.

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Brad Gillingham

Brad is a 6'5 tall 320 lbs+ Powerlifter from Minnesota, USA who was inducted into the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Hall of Fame in November 2006, and into the IPF North American Powerlifting Federation (NAPF) Hall of Fame earlier that same year. At the age of 45 and weighing in at about 330 lbs bodyweight, Brad competed in the 2012 Pro GNC Competition and set a record Deadlift of 837.7 lbs.

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Mike Tuchscherer

Mike Tuchscherer is the founder of Reactive Training Systems and author of the book, "The Reactive Training Manual - Developing Your Own Custom Training Program for Powerlifting." He started competing in Powerlifting in 1997 and has been deeply involved in athletic training ever since. Mike recently competed on Saturday March 3rd at the 2012 Arnold Raw Challenge at a body weight of 264. He set several IPF Raw World records with a 325Kg (716.5) Squat and 355Kg (782.6) Deadlift plus a world record total of 877.5Kg (1934.5). Mike also benched 197.5Kg (435.4).

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Andrey Malanichev

Andrey Malanichev is a Powerlifter from Russia. He reached an Elite level in the sport of Powerlifting with his 2010 Win in the World RAW Powerlifting Championship held in Moscow. Following his 2009 win at the Cup of the Titans Championship in Russia he won the 2010 Super Cup of the Titans.

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