Are B&M Baked Beans Gluten Free?

Posted on 21 Jan 2013 21:51

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Yes, according to B&G Foods, Inc, which makes B%M brand baked beans, all the varieties are gluten free. The listed ingredients do not indicate any sources of hidden gluten, except perhaps for natural flavors and natural smoke flavoring, if wheat, barley, or other gluten containing grains were used in a natural flavor or if the flavors were derived from these, such as:

Smoke flavoring: Some dry smoke flavoring may use malted barley flour as a carrier for the smoke.

Attempts to contact the company for further clarification of its gluten free status was met with no response. No response was given to our question regarding malted barely flour in the smoke flavoring.

We also asked:

How is your caramel coloring made? Is corn starch or malt used? If malt, can you confirm that there is none or very little gluten remaining in the coloring?

Natural flavors: Are any of your natural flavors derived from wheat or barley, and if so, would you still assure consumers that your baked bean products are all gluten free?

We have no response as of this writing.

b%m baked beans original in jar

Given the ingredients and given the company's assurance that all of it's baked bean products are gluten free, there is likely no reason for those with celiac or a gluten sensitivity should be concerned about eating B&M Baked Beans, but the lack of response to our inquiries left us scratching our heads and wondering. Some celiacs are more sensitive to gluten than others, and at this point, we cannot provide any further assurance that the bean products are indeed gluten free.

This information is provided for those who have been medically confirmed to have a need for a gluten-free diet and in no way should be taken to mean that Ground Up Strength endorses the general "gluten free living" trend.

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