Why Waiting Until You Are Thirsty Is NOT Too Late

Posted on 27 Mar 2010 22:19

If you wait until you are thirsty it is too late. You are already dehydrated. You ever heard that? I'll bet you have. Right before you were told to pour a gallon or two of water down your throat every single day. Complete and utter bull-hockey.

This is the fourth part in the series by Ross Tucker and Jonathan Dugas in which they tackle the all-important thirst myth. This myth is embedded in diamond hard stone and I have no illusions that even this excellent article will break it out…but it will darn well expose it to the air where it can begin being removed once and for all (don't make fun of my analogies, now!) I've been patiently explaining to people and debating with people about the fact that you can trust your thirst but I lacked the scientific chops to do it justice. Enter Science of Sport.

So, if you have been listening to the guru talk on strength or bodybuilding sites and drowning yourself in gallons of water every day you need to read this and stop torturing yourself. I cannot even believe that people are doing this even when they are sitting around doing nothing…let alone when doing the cardio bunny routine or lifting weights.

This article is aimed at endurance athletes…and not just that but ULTRA endurance athletes. So listen up because if it applies to them it darn well applies to you.

Fluid Intake, Dehydration and Exercise Part IV: Why Waiting Until You Are Thirsty is NOT Too Late

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