Reverse Breathing

Posted on 23 Feb 2010 20:12

Previously I've called upper chest breathing either inverted or paradoxical breathing. In case you haven't gotten the news flash, it's bad. Now, I'm seeing something called 'reverse breathing' being promoted for martial artists. Wikipedia says that it is "Ancient Chinese Secret".

The practice appears to be an almost perfect instruction on incorrect breathing. The idea is to expand your abdomen while breathing out and pull your stomach in while breathing in. Absolutely ridiculous and a good way to 'gas out' for a martial artist. Here is a some excerpts from an article at DragonDoor. It's full of nonsensical gobbledygook but these are the highlights of the instruction:

From DragonDoor by Tim Heurtz:

"To begin, stand with your feet shoulders wide, relax your shoulders into their sockets and “swallow” your chest (swallowing your chest is believed to stimulate the thymus gland which aids in the immune system)."

Let's stop there. What? Double what? I believe, I believe.

"Tilt the pelvis up and touch your tongue lightly to the roof of your mouth. Tuck the chin in a bit and you’re ready to start."

Incidentally, the tongue thing is also how you can ward off the death touch.

"Expel all your air and push not only your stomach out, but also your sides and lower back… Inhale slowly through the nose and pull your stomach in while lifting the perineum (that no-man’s land that separates the front from the back – just another way of working the anal lock or the squeezing and lifting of the anal sphincter and sex organs)."

While your busy trying to lift your perineum let me rant just a bit on how very WRONG that is. That is textbook bad breathing. No wonder they have a disclaimer after every article. The abdomen should never pull in during inhalation and when it does you have lapsed into an unhealthy breathing pattern which is physiologically reverse of what it should be. Who promotes practices that are 'reverse' of what our body's are made to do?

Learn how breathing is supposed to work with this handy category called breathing.

- Eric Troy


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