Static Spiderman Stretch (Lunging Hip Flexor Stretch)

Posted on 21 Dec 2011 18:16

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This is the static version of the "Walking Spiderman Lunge" which starts in an upright position rather than a lunge position, as here. This stretches the hip flexors, the inner thigh, and the glutes. It is more a static stretch than a dynamic mobility exercise, but can be used as part of a dynamic mobility routine. The walking spiderman can be used alternatively, depending on how strenuous you wish the exercise to be. Do not hold the stretched position for long periods of time unless you are using this exercise after a training session. The spiderman stretch is also excellent as a stand-alone stretch to target hip flexor flexibility.

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Hips, Hip flexors


1. Start with your body in a plank position (the position used to perform pushups), keeping your hands underneath your shoulders.

2. Keeping your hips as low as possible, bring your left foot forward toward the outside of your left hand, as far as you can advance, aiming to bring the foot next to or forward of the hand.

3. Bring your left foot back and return to the plank position.

4. Repeat movement with your right foot.

The movements described above can be performed either in a slow and controlled way, or the feet can be brought up and down in a more dynamic fashion, with shorter pauses. Alternatively, instead of bringing your feet up and down, you can use a crawling motion, given enough space. This is a bit less strenuous then the walking spiderman but just as effective as either version. If you are using this static version, place it earlier in the mobility warmup. If you are using a dynamic version, place it later. The dynamic version is sometimes referred to as "mountain climbers".

Static Spiderman Stretch Video


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