Mobility Exercises and Drills

Scapular Push-Up (Push-Up Plus)

The scapular pushup is a variation of the push up plus exercise, which is a regular push up that adds a maximal scapular protraction at the end of the ascent, the "plus" position. This scapular protraction in the closed chain position has been demonstrated to cause high levels of activity in the serratus anterior muscle, more than the traditional pushup. It also recruits the other scapular stabilizers.

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Bird Dog Exercise (4-point to 2-point Kneeling Spinal Stability Exercise)

The bird dog exercises are a group of core exercises peformed in a quadruped position. The purpose of these movements are to strengthen the core muscles and promote the maintenance of a neutral pelvis while encorportating limb movements, along with exercise tracks such as the dead bug track. When used as part of a rehabilitation program for lumbar injury or other spine problems, this stabilization exercise progresses from a beginner to an advanced level, starting with moving only one arm, and then progressing to moving the opposite arm and leg. This is basically moving from 4-point kneeling, to 3-point kneeling, and then to 2-point.

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Warrior Lunge

The Warrior Lunge exercise gets its name from the first in a series of yoga poses called Virabhadrasana, although the yoga version is more complex than this simple lunge exercise.1 This lunge incorporates an overhead reach and therefore targets upper back and shoulder mobility as well as hip mobility.

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Cat Stretch (aka Cat Camel)

The cat stretch is a basic spinal mobilizer is sometimes called the "cat camel," a misnomer.1 This easy and gliding stretch helps mobilize and release tension from the spine and stretch the back. Use this stretch as part of a basic mobility routine. If you have a back injury or pain, consult a doctor and/or physical therapist before using this exercise.

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Scapular Wall Slides Exercise

The scapular walls slide is an upper body exercise which promotes scapula stability while moving the shoulders through a large range of motion. They help to promote the proper scapular stabilizer muscles, especially the lower traps and are often used as part of rehabilitation for shoulder injuries with scapular dyskinesis. Proper functioning of the scapular stabilizers is important for scapulohumeral rhythm, glenohumeral movement and health. This exercise helps combat the effects of upper trap and rhomboid dominance. They can be performed standing or seated.

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