Martial Arts and Self Defense

The Reality Of Knife Attacks

As part of my self defense training I've been exposed to many situations involving a knife and even though I deal with a rubber knife, knives scare the living s*&^ out of me. I would rather be attacked by a gun than a knife, hands down, and there are many reasons, most of which are overlooked, that make knives very deadly and very difficult to defend against. Through my own training and looking at how other disciplines and methods handle defense against knives it is very clear that knives are often not given the proper respect that they deserve.

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Weapon Disarms and a Whole Lot of Groin Kicks

What do a gun disarm, numerous groin kicks, and Thai Chi have in common? They're all featured in the following 3 videos!

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The One Punch Hammer Fist...Or Not

As part of my newly found passion for punching and kicking things I have begun subscribing to few websites. This morning I received an email newsletter from one of them titled; "Hammer knockout blow for street fighting!". Of course I was immediately intrigued, especially since there was a video demonstrating the technique.

Following the link in the email, I was brought to this article.

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