Leg Pain

Painful, Swollen, Tight Shins During Exercise

This explanation takes the form of a video. The text of this article is the exact transcript from the video and is an explanation of acute and exertional compartment syndromes for athletes and exercisers. These are easily mistaken for shin splints but are much more severe conditions. Compartment syndromes can result in severe irreversible nerve damage, cell death, and even loss of the lower limb. If you have any of the symptoms outlined in this video, consult a doctor immediately. For those in need of more in-depth medical information on compartment syndromes and other musculoskeletal conditions, I would recommend Essentials of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation by Frontera and Silver

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Sciatica: Causes, Diagnosis, And Treatment

Sciatica is a buttock pain radiating down the back of the thigh and leg and possibly into the calf or foot. Other characteristics of sciatica include varying degrees of weakness in the leg muscles and numbness and/or tingling that radiates down the leg. These symptoms occur because of compression and/or irritation of the sciatic nerve or nerve roots which are forming the sciatic nerve. The areas in the buttock and leg affected by this compression are the areas that the sciatic nerve supplies with messages for normal function. There are many other names for sciatica including lumbosacral radicular syndrome, radiating low back pain, nerve root pain, and nerve root entrapment.

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