Training...Youtube Style

23 Jun 2009 02:14

Here are a few recent vids I found on youtube. Enjoy.

Personally I never backsquat for a triple with anything I can clean and press. I don't do them on a ball either, I'm not that hardcore.

If I had to pick one exercise to 'get me ready', I probably wouldn't have picked, um, that one.

I think she's onto something. Last week I started doing something similar. I call the exercise Overhead Dog Squats and yes it is exactly how it sounds. Hopefully in a few months I'll be able to move from daschunds to a couple golden retrievers, but ultimately my goal is twin St. Bernards.

Is it wrong for me to think that this is the best video of the 3?

Disclaimer: None of the above comments should be considered even remotely serious (aside from the fact that I thought #3 was the best). Thank you.


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