Weapon Disarms and a Whole Lot of Groin Kicks

15 Apr 2011 13:29

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What do a gun disarm, numerous groin kicks, and Thai Chi have in common? They're all featured in the following 3 videos!

I want to say something upfront and be perfectly clear. I am in no way advocating that you try or even consider performing these moves or techniques in a self defense situation.

Even though the videos represent demos and are a showcase of techniques, they are very real and deadly situations. Your first and foremost line of defense against an armed attacker is to comply. No material possession is worth your life. The moves and techniques shown are a last resort option exercised by trained practitioners.

This first video is a demonstration of a couple gun defenses using live non-lethal ammunition (similar to an airsoft round).

The techniques are incomplete but he is only demonstrating that the speed of the defense is greater than the reaction time of the attacker.

I also assume that it is a safety issue (might be another round or he might break the attackers finger in the trigger guard).

This video is a demo performed by the same person doing the gun defense in the above video. Yes, the attackers are padded to the teeth.

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