Krav Maga in MMA...Accidentally and Illegally

25 Nov 2011 18:47

Disclaimer: It is in no way my intention to say Krav Maga is superior to MMA or any other form of martial arts. Sport and self defense are two different animals. The point of the video is to showcase the effectiveness of the strikes being used.

I recently came across this video while surfing around on Youtube. As the name implies, it is a compilation of accidental and illegal moves used in various MMA fights. Interestingly enough, every move showcased is emphasized in Krav Maga and explicitly outlawed in MMA.

It should come as no surprise that the groin kick is the grand prize winner but I think (and this comes from a few recent conversations as well) that people still underscore the impact of even a glancing groin kick. And remember, everyone is wearing a good cup in this video.

When everyone's voice returns back to its lower pitch and legs begin to uncross I'll be posting a short video that explains the science behind a low blow. I'll leave you with this thought, getting hit in the groin is a very complex process that never ends well. Enjoy the video!


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