Supine Bridge Exercise for Glute Activation and Dynamic Warm Up

The supine bridge is used to the glues and hamstrings for hip extension and the entire core musculature for stability. It is sometimes called a glute bridge to emphasize the role of glute activation. The body is raised from a hook-lying position to a bridged position primarily through the action of the gluteus maximus. Although this is a basic...

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Pull-Throughs (Hip Pulls) Exercise

By Ground Up Strength, Eric Troy The benefits of pull-throughs, sometimes called 'hip pulls', are many. One of the exercise's main advantages is that it allows one to train the posterior chain, the glutes, hamstrings and hip adductors without the lower back having to support a big external load. This is one of the main advantages the cable pull...

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The Cook Hip Lift

By Eric Troy, Ground Up Strength You may be familiar with a glute bridge, formally known as a Supine Hip Extension or Supine Glute Bridge . But you probably haven't heard of the Cook Hip Lift. Named after Gray Cook, it is a great beginning gluteal activator and is meant to be used as a precursor to the glute bridge, because it solves a problem...

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