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1. Biomechanics. The resistance of a body or structure to the deforming actions of an applied load. In mathematics stress is identified by the Greek letter Sigma: s.

2. Psychology. The general physiological and psychological response of an individual to real or perceived adverse stimulus, whether internal or external, that disturbs the individual's homeostasis. A significant imbalance between demand and response capability where failure to meet that demand disrupts homeostasis or has important consequences. Stressors (stimulus) and stress are sometimes confused. It is important to note that an adverse event or circumstance is not, in itself, stress, but a stimulus that leads to stress, which is the response to that event or circumstance. However chronic and multiple stressors are associated with a host of ill-health effects. Not all stress is negative, though. See eustress and distress. Also see the GUS Stress Category.

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