Rate Of Force Development (RFD)

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Rate of Force Development (RFD) measures how fast force or torque output rises in movements of muscle groups.

For many sports the ability to develop a high force output as quickly as possible is very important, and sometimes more important than the maximal force output.

It can take 0.3 to 0.4 seconds to generate a maximal force whereas the time available to apply force in many sporting movements can be lower than this. Even a shot putter only has 0.22 to 0.27 seconds to generate the force needed to propel the shot.

A high RFD will enable more force to be developed in a shorter period of time, resulting in the shot being thrown further.

A high rate of force develop is needed for power movements such as the Olympic lifts.

And, in any jumping movement, such as a vertical jump or a running jump, it is of paramount importance. It is also the most important aspect in throwing sports such as the shot put.

Power training, which is often referred to as "explosive" training, is used to develop RFD. Plyometrics, jumps, and clean lifts and derivatives are examples.

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