Osteopathy (Osteopathic Medicine)

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Osteopathy is a system of medicine originally founded by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still (1828-1917). The prefix -osteo refers to bones and the suffix -pathy to disease or suffering.

The system is based upon a theory that holds the balance of the structural an functional states of the body is of utmost importance and that a body that is sound structurally is better able to heal itself and deal with toxic stimulus.

The system was based on careful manipulation of the musculoskeletal system to correct misaligned bones and muscles, so that a cure of the underlying condition could be affected. Nutrition was also considered to be of prime importance.

Today, osteopathy uses all the same forms of medical diagnosis and treatment as standard allopathic medicine, including, but not limited to drugs, surgery, radiological imaging, blood testing, etc.

Osteopathic practitioners, called osteopaths are trained in the same medical subjects as doctors of medicine (M.D.'s) and take the same state licensing examinations, enabling them to perform medicine in the same way, including prescribing drugs.

They also are able to train in the same specialties, such as pediatrics, psychiatry, cardiology, etc. Osteopaths still, however, emphasize the musculoskeletal system and its manipulation in order to cure and prevent medical conditions.

Osteopaths use the designation D.O. after their names rather than M.D.

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