Olympic Weight Plates

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Olympic Weight Plates: Round metal discs of varying mass used to add weight to an Olympic barbell. These plates have holes in the center which are 2 1/8 inches wide, to fit over the ends of the Olympic barbell, which is two inches wide. Olympic plates generally come in weights of 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 35, and 45 pounds. Smaller plates, called fractional plates, are also sometimes used, weighing 1.25lbs or less. Sometimes, as well, even heavier plates than 45lbs are found, but not used in competition. See some further information on Olympic plates.

High quality Olympic weight plates are calibrated for accuracy. Ivanko calibrated plates, for instance, are calibrated to within at least 10 grams accuracy, for competition. These types of plates are very expensive. Less expensive plates for home use are less accurate in weight, but still suitable for training.

slotted Ivanko plate

Slotted Ivanko Olympic Plate

Also, Olympic plates may be coated with rubber. These are called bumper plates. The rubber allows the loaded barbell to be dropped from a distance without damaging flooring, although casual dropping of loaded barbells on your own floor is not recommended, as even with bumper plates, damage can still occur, and the barbell can be damaged as well.

There are also many plates with slotted opening around the perimeter of the plate, to make the plates easier to carry and facilitate easier loading and unloading from the barbell.

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