NEAT (abreviation)

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NEAT: Stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. It is the energy expended in all activities besides volitional formal exercise, such as fidgeting, standing, walking, etc. NEAT basically encompasses any activity that is not undertaken specifically as a form of exercise, so that taking a bath or even chewing gum counts. It therefore includes occupational activities and leisure activities and is one component of Total Energy Expenditure (TEE).

Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis can account for up to 2000 kcal a day, depending on the activity level of the individual. According to studies, lean individuals tend to stand and move around more than obese individuals. Also, even when lean individuals gain weight, they still tend to move more than obese persons, perhaps indication some natural predisposition towards less NEAT in the obese. NEAT tends to decline with age.

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