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Contusion: An injury resulting in hemorrhage into the skin or other tissues where that issue is not broken, commonly referred to as a bruise and often resulting from a direct blow from a blunt object. Contusions of the skin result in pain swelling and purplish-red or dark red discoloration of the skin. Contusion injuries can occur to skin, muscle, bone, heart muscle, and other vascular tissues.

bruise as may result from a contusion

Bruise as may result from a Contusion

Most contusions are mild and will heal on their own. However, severe contusions should be seen by a doctor, so that proper management can be done to prevent unwanted side effects from the injury to muscle tissue. Ice application or compressive dressings to control swelling and pain may help, in more severe cases. Manual therapy, such as gentle massage, may also be helpful, after an initial period of healing.

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