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Biomechanics is the physics of human motion. A study of the forces produced by and acting on the body. The functional and anatomical analysis of biological systems from a mechanical perspective. There are three primary terms associated with biomechanics: kinematics, kinetics, and kinesiology. See the biomechanics category.

cover page of De Motu Animalium by Alphonso Borelli, the first biomechanics text

De Motu Animalium by Alphonso Borelli

People have been studying the way humans and other animals move since at least the time of Aristotle, who observed and wrote about movements like running and walking. Leonardo da Vinci's studies of the function of the human body, and corresponding drawings, are well-known. Perhaps the first known bioechanical text, De Motu Animalium, was written by Alphonso Borelli in the 1600's.1

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