Athletic Trainer

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Athletic Trainer: Athletic training is a division of sports medicine. An athletic trainer is involved in the prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports related injuries and is deeply involved in the training strategies used by the athlete.

Athletic training was recognized by the American Medical Association in 1990 as an allied health profession and athletic trainers are certified professionals (ATC's). Athletic trainers may:

  • Identify and evaluate sports injuries.
  • Provide immediate treatment of a sports injury.
  • Determine if an injury needs further specialized care.
  • Implement programs in sports organizations to aimed at injury prevention.
  • Plan and implement injury rehabilitation.
  • Educate the athlete about health care.
  • May counsel on nutrition
  • Makes protective devices such as pads and mouth guards

ATC's take care of sprains, strains, and contusions and are often "first on the field" to respond to injuries. They provide immediate first aid including wrapping, and other therapeutic modalities, such as cryotherapy. They are often work directly under the supervision of a licensed physician and must posses a broad knowledge of anatomy, physiology, hygiene, athletic taping procedures, sports psychology, injury prevention, general health, etc.

NATA, the National Athletic Trainers Association, is the certifying body for athletic trainers. Since 2004, an undergraduate degree in an accredited curriculum has been required.

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