Aspect (Anatomy)

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More on Bones and the Skeletal System

Aspect: In anatomy, the term aspect refers to how a bone appears from a particular viewpoint or orientation. For instance, the "lateral aspect of the hip" would refer to the appearance of the hip as viewed from the side. The term is usually used, however, as simply another word for "surface." So that "pain in the lateral aspect of the hip" becomes "pain in the side of the hip."

Lateral aspect is the view of a bone from the side. Therefore, the lateral aspect of the skull would refer to the features of the skull as seen from a side-view. The anterior aspect of a bone is the view of a bone from the front of the body, so the anterior aspect of the skull are the features of the skull visible in a view from the front.

When palpating muscles, the word aspect is used often, to describe the visual orientation of the body part which is being palpated.

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