General Adaptation Syndrome

Selye's General Adaptation Syndrome

When Hans Selye was experimenting on rats by inflicting stress them either by injecting them with hormones or chemicals, making surgical incisions or exposing them to extreme temperatures, he noticed that the rats were all displaying the same group of symptoms. At first he believed that he had discovered a new hormone1; however, several years of further testing by injecting the rats with other substances, such as formaldehyde, revealed the same results. Even exposure to cold, cutting their spinal cords and forced exercise produced the same effects. The effects occurred in a predictable sequence that is now known as the General Adaptation Syndrome2 (GAS).

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Why Fitness, Diet, Bodybuilding, and Strength Training Programs Work

I've never seen a strength training or bodybuilding program developed for a mass audience that didn't "work". No matter how ridiculous the program is and how unfounded its principles all such programs tend to be seen as largely successful. I know what you're thinking. It becomes popular because it works. But, I am not only talking about popular and profitable "brands" of programs. I'm talking about programs that are only know to a tiny corner of the internet, on some forum or site, perhaps. There may be 100 people who try it, and they all say it works great! As long as, of course, the author has some authority in that little corner of the internet. Surely, though, silly programs should get such authors called out. A silly program founded on hot air should not work. How can so many of these programs, then, be seen as successful?

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What is Fitness-Fatigue?

This article is an attempt to clear up some of the misconceptions on the internet regarding the Bannister's Fitness-Fatigue Model, the so-called "Dual Factor Theory". Although it is simply a model it has been used to design one size fits all programs due to a misconception that it attempts to explain training responses for a typical trainee. Such programs are nonsense and a proper explanation is needed to counter such misinformation. Programs are not built from these kinds of theoretical models. These models, instead, are built to try to understand responses to training.

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