Front Squats

The Four Squat Workout

A little over a year ago, Eric introduced me to the concept of The Four Squat Workout. Sounds intriguing, right? He borrowed the idea from Jim Schmitz, former US Olympic Weightlifing coach.

It involved doing the Overhead Squat, Front Squats, Back Squat and a Half Squat all in one workout! Later, Joe Weir adopted the Anderson Half Squat in place of the regular half squat. A regular half squat with the bar in back can be used but the Anderson Half Squat is our favorite here at GUS.

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Front Squats and Back Squats

I have been avoiding the Back Squat for many months. But, I recently got back into Back Squatting. I follow a typical 4-day layout and it was very difficult to throw these in, but I found a way. I want to make a note that Back Squats are not a higher priority than Front Squats but they are important. I don’t want to choose between doing one and not the other. I have the freedom to do both. This topic has been discussed by Eric and Joe here. This is the way my template looks re-arranged:

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The Functional Big Three

Strength Training has become the new "in" thing to do. Train like a Powerlifter and eat like a Bodybuilder. This is standard advice given to every beginner wanting to get in shape. The next thing you're likely to read or hear is "Squat 500, Pull 500 and Bench 300 and you won't be complaining about size."

While these statements may have some truth in them - however remote, I do not think that the Big 3 Powerlifts are going to be the only "Holy Trinity" in getting anyone big and strong.

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