Strength Training
Sections related to training for strength.
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Anything related to strength training can be discussed here
3042145by Mandhir AroraMandhir Arora
21 Jul 2014 10:31Jump!
Topics related to mobility and flexibility can be discussed here.
18101by Ashiem_MatthnAshiem_Matthn
18 Jul 2012 19:26Jump!
Anything related to injury can be discussed here. Injury Prevention, treatment, pain management, etc..
44428by Selahattin SaatduzenSelahattin Saatduzen
24 Oct 2013 07:59Jump!
The mental aspects of training for strength are discussed here. Any aspect of exercise, sport, or general psychology. This section also houses anything to do with Critical Thinking, fallacies, you name it. This is the "brain" section.
51221by EricTEricT
14 May 2014 02:26Jump!
Self-Explanatory I would hope.
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79496by johnymizjohnymiz
18 Feb 2013 10:43Jump!
26186by EricTEricT
26 Apr 2014 20:40Jump!
17249by Ashiem_MatthnAshiem_Matthn
13 Apr 2014 20:07Jump!
54315by EricTEricT
10 Jan 2014 16:51Jump!
1093by Ashiem_MatthnAshiem_Matthn
04 Feb 2012 06:39Jump!
Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology
Creating Threads in these categories is restricted to admin right now. But anyone can post replies or comments.
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1135by EricTEricT
05 Oct 2012 00:16Jump!
310by tjptomeytjptomey
05 Jul 2013 16:15Jump!
824by EricTEricT
03 May 2012 13:11Jump!
Members Training and Journals
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Thanks for joining GUS! Introduce yourself here or if you already know us, just say hi. Don't want to? Skip it and jump right in!
34324by EricTEricT
11 Mar 2015 02:31Jump!
Here you can post and discuss your proposed training templates. Note, this means YOUR proposed templates. This is not the GUS cookie cutter section.
64755by Ashiem_MatthnAshiem_Matthn
19 Jun 2015 09:52Jump!
Here you can post your personal training journal.
678933by yahyahyahyah
22 Sep 2015 09:03Jump!
This section is for discussing particular articles and other pages on the GUS site. Please do not start independent threads in this section.
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1541by Ashiem_MatthnAshiem_Matthn
16 Sep 2012 07:42Jump!
619by Anshul SAnshul S
17 Mar 2012 17:42Jump!
56by Ashiem_MatthnAshiem_Matthn
28 Oct 2011 09:56Jump!
44by EricTEricT
01 Oct 2009 15:06Jump!
1582by rorshachrorshach
08 Jun 2012 11:15Jump!
This section is for site announcements and can be used to post stuff on how to use the site. You learn something cool let the rest of us know. You need to know how others are doing the cool things, ask.
42176by EricTEricT
11 Sep 2012 13:41Jump!
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210by JoeWeirJoeWeir
05 Jun 2013 00:21Jump!
This is the "open" section. Talk about anything you want here but, please, no politics or religion. Spiritual matters are fine as long as they are not of a religious nature.
92796by JoeWeirJoeWeir
26 Sep 2013 19:09Jump!
Nonfiction books we're reading discussed here. This is the perfect place to discuss training, physiology, or nutrition related books as well.
1248by EliteNateEliteNate
13 Mar 2014 20:42Jump!
Fiction books we're reading discussed here.
1691by EliteNateEliteNate
22 Mar 2013 14:50Jump!
Discuss movies, post video trailers, whatever.
1682by EliteNateEliteNate
05 Jun 2012 19:34Jump!

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