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Dietary, Bodybuilding, and Sports Supplement Brands to Avoid

28 May 2013 13:34 by EricTEricT

This thread is meant for members to post about entire brands that seem to be unreliable in terms of quality, meeting label claims, heavy metal or other contamination, etc. Please give reasons and compelling evidenc for posting a brand here, but you do not have to "prove" anything. It is still up to each person to decide for themselves and do their own research. Single products can be reported from a certain brand but avoid this unless there is a very compelling reason, as reliable brands tend to correct deficiencies in single products. When a deficiency is not corrected even after brought to the company's attention, this may be a good reason to report the brand itself. Also, of course, supplement vendors could be reported, such as when products are not received at all or not in a timely manner, or customer service is bad. There are no formal rules, we'll moderate as needed.

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Natural Herbal Treatment For Benign Essential Tremor Will Not Work

18 Feb 2013 10:43 by johnymizjohnymiz

Benign essential tremor can NOT be eliminated thru a formula composed of pure herbs.

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Members Training Journals, Templates, and Member Introductions

Yahyah Bell's Maximum Lazy Workout Thread

22 Sep 2015 09:03 by yahyahyahyah

This is where stuff happens, almost mainly occasionally

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