Forum Policies

We encourage frank and open discussion on all manner of strength training, nutrition, health, body composition, physiology, exercise psychology and related subjects. We ask that you try to keep on subject, especially during discussion regarding the articles on the site. When discussing articles, please do not bring in discussions regarding other articles on the site unless they are related articles. Do not use the forum to talk about the newsletter, unless a moderator has started a thread referring to a specific newsletter from the newsletter archive. If you are a subscriber, the newsletter is a personal letter from me to you. You can respond directly to me (Eric) about said letter.


Remember, even reasonable people can and do reasonably disagree on many issues with mutual respect, and it is important to not take criticisms of perspectives personally or to give others reason to take criticism of perspectives personally — and so how we say things often is just as important (and sometimes even more important) than what we say. Sometimes disagreements can (through protracted discussion) be wrestled to the ground to the mutual satisfaction of all the disputants, and sometimes disagreements cannot (through protracted discussion) be wrestled to the ground to the mutual satisfaction of all the disputants — and when this latter occurs we hope the disputants involved can recognize that continued discussion will likely not end in mutual satisfaction and at that point simply agree to (hopefully respectfully) disagree and move on to the another subject.

We Are Aware that You May Disagree

Be aware that the responses you get may be frank and to the point. Please do not take the lack of sugar coating to be rudeness or disrespect. It is actually just the opposite. Many times overly "polite" responses are lathered on like a soothing balm on sites such as these and are meant simply to replace thoughtful responses to your comments. We do not show you respect by holding your hand. We also do not show you respect by pretending you make sense when you do not. Unformatted, rambling, and incoherent rants will not be dealt with by coddling and lollygagging. Not taking the time to separate thoughts into coherent sentences and paragraphs does not encourage us to take you seriously.

However, please know that not only do we expect criticism of our views, we welcome it and hope for it. Honest and thoughtful feedback, even in the form of criticism, is how we grow and develop. You will NEVER be flamed or bullied on this site because you disagree with some central viewpoint expressed on GUS or by it's members. If GUS has a special love for any one concept, it is results. We will not go off the rails because someone disagrees with a concept or method that is endorsed on this site. And anyone who makes personal attacks, or deals with another member in a rude or uncivil manner, will be dealt with immediately by me (Eric) or a moderator, regardless whether this is a famous fitness celebrity or an unknown forum poster.

Now, feel free to jump into the fray, and enjoy the discussions and free exchanges of information and opinions!

Pay It Forward

If you came here looking for help with your strength training and you are wondering how to pay back all the help you receive: Pay it Forward! Forums work best when more experience members help out less experienced members.

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