Static Stretching Effects On Force Production and Performance

Posted on 19 Sep 2009 21:08

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Static Stretching Affects Jumping is a thread started by Coach Jamie Hale regarding a study examing the effects of static, PNF, and ballistic stretching prior to counter-movement jumps.

The thread contains a number of summaries of research into the affects of prolonged stretching on subsequent force production. Also, discussions of it's affects on running economy and distance performance, and sprint performance.

Lots of information here that consitently points to the deleterious effects of pre static stretching on performance. Note that PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) is still a form of static stretching and while many writers have made the ilogical jump to suggesting that PNF would be more beneficial pre workout than traditional static stretching, there is absolutely no reason to believe this.

Ballistic stretching is form of dynamic stretching but is charecterized by bouncy uncontrolled movements. Since the words ballistic and dynamic are frequently interchanged in regards to stretching, the studies mentioning ballistic stretching may mean either this uncontrolled stretching or a more controlled dynamic stretching style which slowly works up to the end range of motion.

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More Informative Forum Threads

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