Front Squats Versus Back Squats

Posted on 13 Sep 2009 20:06

In the Front Squats versus Back Squats we discuss not only the debate about front squats and back squats.

We cover such topics as:

1) Why these debate should arise in the first place. What's the underlying problem.

2) The coaching community and it's elitist protective character.

3) Using science with very little knowledge of the scientific method.

4) Lab coats as trainers.

5) Putting the blame in the right place, if we must blame at all.

6) Peer review.

7) Image and fame versus ability

8) The fitness industry is unaccountable.

9) Trainee error versus Programming error

10) Why I'm not trying to help the fitness industry.

11) Going through the motions of training rather than experiencing it. OR being a spectator versus being in charge.

12) The fallacy of deconstructing training.

13) Being passionate about results rather than training.

14) The idea that training is something that "grows from" rather than is "built from" or IS.

15) And finally actual stuff about front squatting. The cross-over or "cossack grip" versus the clean grip and how to work up to a clean grip and some potential advantage.

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