Autogenic Inhibition

Autogenic inhibition, also called the inverse myotatic reflex, is the stimulation of a muscle which causes its neurologic relaxation. It is the reflex inhibition of a motor unit when excessive tension, as monitored by the Golgi tendon organs, is applied to the muscle fiber that it triggers.

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Should I Lift Fast or Slow?

Training to Failure, Single Sets versus Multiple Sets, Non-Sequitors and False Dilemmas

Apparently, there is a debate about whether training to failure is better than doing one single set of exercise. Well, okay, no there is not really a debate about this but sometimes those who do a lot of "research" about resistance training while simultaneously not having a clue about resistance training think that these kinds of debates exist. The actual debate is about multiple versus single sets to failure. That is a bit different than training to failure versus training with single sets, is it not?

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